The 9th annual Moab Muni festival
April 27-29, 2008
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(Quick links: full photo set, just a few of the better pictures, or just the movie clips.)

Moab, Utah. Not a bad place for outdoor activities. On four, three, or two wheels. But especially on one wheel. Mountain unicycling.

Start of photo tour

The very first day (April 25th, 2008): Plane flight to Salt Lake City, and car ride to Moab. Not very eventful, except that we did an amazing packing job getting all the people and unicycles into one van for the 4 hour drive to Moab.

Our first day of riding (April 26th, 2008): Our group from the Bay Area arrived one day early, to do some training rides in Arches National Park for the Ride the Lobster unicycle race in June 2008. Nancy and Heather were our driving support crew.

The next day (Friday the 27th): Slickrock!
This was was the first day of the Moab Muni festival, with a ride at the famous Slickrock trail. We rode all the way to the beginning of the full loop, and then on the way back around the practice loop. Still several miles over difficult terrain, and a significant workout. Everyone rode amazing lines along the trail at the edge of (or slightly beyond) their ability. Pushed on no doubt by the fact that Bill Hatcher, a professional photographer, followed us around and took pretty cool pictures.

The team

The second day of the Muni festival (Saturday the 28th), and our fourth day at Moab: A ride on the Amasaback trail. With amazing scenery, a few crazy people, great riding, sore muscles, and a pasta dinner at the end of the day.


The last day, Sunday the 29th: Ride on Moab Rim to Hidden Valley. A very steep climb to the beginning, and a long flat loop at the top. Great views, a great downhill, and Chris doing some killer hops. Check out the videos from that day!


And, alas, the flight home. But not before seeing some nice pictures at the airport...

(Other people's pictures: Tom's pictures, Nancy's pictures, Bill Hatcher's pictures)